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Davine and Ariff Butler struck by love

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Davine and Ariff Butler struck by love

Perfectly explained in the words of American poet Nikki Giovanni, “We love because it’s the only true adventure.” Davine and Ariff Butler have been trodding this playing field for almost 19 years. Just recently the pair celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The creatives, an author and photographer respectively, are getting in shape to witness many more moons together in holy and loving matrimony. Flair caught with the two to find out how they keep the affection


Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

How did you meet?

Davine: We met in 2001 at Photo Shop in Spanish Town. I went there to fix my camera and he came to my rescue., showing off how much of an expert he was, lol. And from there we fell in love. What can I say he convinced me.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares Venezuela

How can we truly define love?

Ariff: Yes. It’s being selfless and sacrificial knowing that you are in this person life to add value.

Davine: Love is not words or feelings. It is the ability to act and do what needs to be done in spite of the circumstances good or bad. I believe 1 Corinthians 13 says it all.

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You’ve been married for a long while, what have you learnt since then?

Davine: I’ve learnt to put God first. But that’s all I’ve also grown to forgive easily, listen with my heart and appreciate every moment that we spend together. Plus remember you’re not each other’s enemy.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

Ariff: My lesson is knowing that it’s not always about me. Most of the time it will be about us, as a family and as unit. I have to be very mindful of the fact that I have a responsibility to make decisions that will build our relationship. And if you want to keep it strong, don’t just connect physically, but intellectually and spiritually as well.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

What’s the secret to your successful marriage?

Ariff and Davine: Firstly, you have to know that there is no one size fit all to marriage. We had to get to know your each other and be intentional about meeting each of us every need. And we never keep secrets or malice. Our advice to other couples would be to enter into marriage without any expectations, because no one can make you happy. They can only enhance what you bring in the table and put God first in every aspect of your lives and yes, even sex.

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