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Mo Abudu chairs 47th International Emmy Awards in New York

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Mo Abudu chairs 47th International Emmy Awards in New York

Mo Abudu, the The EbonyLife TV boss has been named as the Chair of the 47th International Emmy Awards Gala set to be held in New York on November 25.

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The International Emmys made this known in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

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The International Emmy recognizes excellence in television programming produced and initially aired outside of the United States.

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Abudu reacted to the announcement: “As producers, we are in a unique position to share fresh, authentic, and original stories with a global audience. Our content is not limited by language or culture. Viewers want to see stories that reflect their everyday lives—which can be found everywhere.”

“At EbonyLife, we believe in changing the global African narrative. And like many, we connect the world with our stories. As a Nigerian television producer, I am honored to chair the 47th International Emmy Awards and be part of an organization that celebrates extraordinary television producers from all over the globe.”

Last year’s International Emmy for TV Movie / Mini-Series was won by “Man in an Orange Shirt” premiered during the BBC Gay Britannia season in 2017. The series portray a pair of love stories, sixty years apart, linked by family ties, sexual identity, and a mysterious painting.


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