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Sickening to see PPP using children to protest

Dear Editor IF America had placed laws around Caucasian children becoming part of the KKK and witnessing lynching’s like holiday outings there might have been less readiness for the acceptance of racism today in those Dixie states.

Fatima Iglesias

The KKK alone was not the only factor, but anything to diminish prejudice at even a two percent is commendable

Hitler learnt from the Americans and created the Hitler Youth, they evolved into the Allgemeine SS, the Einsatzgruppen and the rest is history, but the template has travelled to Asia to Africa, and to the one man commando. I have been in many protests from 1996 to 2010, during the protests for justice when young Jermaine Wilkinson was murdered

I remember a young woman with her pre-teen son joining the march. I was among others who advised her to leave as political protests are not for children. I have never witnessed a child in any protest I was involved in or witnessed until I saw July 20, in Stabroek News, page 17, two young pre-teens female children were captured with an anti-Granger poster – no doubt given to them in a PPP protest. It was as distasteful as the indiscriminate shouts of ‘Rape’ in parliament not so long ago by two grown women who are not supposed to be mental defects. These children have a sinister implication, why because I lived on the East Coast with my god-parents as a young child until they died, this was Mahaica, and I knew the levels of racism Indo-Guyanese children were taught, it was constant and drilled into their minds. I can only imagine what these children were lectured in before thrown into the adult world of political protests 2019. In ‘The West on Trial’ Jagan blamed the ethnic division in the 60’s on the efforts of Daniel P. Debidin who originated the slogan “Apan Jhaat” and “crude religious and racist appeals were made by Pandits” – pg 114 ‘The West on Trial’ by Dr. Jagan established that the templates are there, which he himself was accused of allowing without denunciation towards the political benefits of such, to permit the survival of the PPP by stalwarts like Eusi Kwayana, Jai Narine Singh Sr, among others. I was surprised that none of the organisation who appear in the interest of Guyana’s young were again not proactive in rejecting the use of children as political fodder, and they should be aware of the media disclosures by both Malcolm Harripaul and Mohamad Yusuf on the 1973 incident, where persons were incited to attack armed soldiers to steal ballot boxes, then upon the expected result call the sacrificial lamb; martyrs. We need to be pro-active and guard against exploitation and the dark indoctrination of our young. During the 2015 elections there was footage of a child turned away from a voting station with evident hyped ID’s. Execute this house-to-house registration with diligence as I have always referred to the Solomon romance with the two mothers and the one who would prefer the child murdered if she could not possess it. Recent events, briberies, postures and actions point to that particular illegitimate macabre pretender, the child slayers before us

Regards Barrington Braithwaite